HELL HATH NO FURY is a dark comedy feature film about a married couple who separately and unknowingly plan to murder each other on the same fateful night. Produced by Planet Thunder Productions and written by Jacob Leighton Burns, Hell Hath No Fury will be the feature length directorial debut of Zachary Burns!  
The first draft of the Hell Hath No Fury screenplay was written nearly ten years ago. Though we desperately wanted to bring it to life on screen, the timing was never right. Having refined the script off and on for nearly a decade, we finally feel that it’s time for Hell Hath No Fury to see the light of day. 
A message from the director - Zachary Burns:
Movies have always been an important part of my life. Some of my favorite memories growing up are of watching Jason & the Argonauts, Indiana Jones, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit for the millionth times and I can’t believe I finally get to make one of my own! When I read the script for Hell Hath No Fury for the first time, I was drawn to it’s weird specific brand of dark humor that matched my own, so what better way to jump into the director’s chair than with a film that feels like an extension of myself.
I have always loved dark comedies. Films like Clue, Arsenic & Old Lace, and pretty much anything by the Coen Brothers are among my favorites. The way the genre can show you horrible people doing truly horrible things to each other and yet keep us laughing all the way through. I think there’s a sort of magic to that, as well as a reminder that sometimes the best way through the comic tragedy that life can sometimes be is through laughter. This is what I am most excited to explore with Hell Hath No Fury. The chance to horrify audiences while also making them laugh was an opportunity I could not refuse!
The number one way to help Hell Hath No Fury become a reality is to make a contribution, but there are many other ways to help! The film won't get made unless people know about it, so PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! 
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We truly feel that this project will not only be awesome, but it will be something that you are proud to have been a part of! Please join us on this exciting adventure!
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