Join us at 7pm at The Paramount Room on Thursday, July 26, for the #ShiftHitsTheFan Film Lovers Mixer, our next fundraising and networking event for the benefit of our feature film Shifter!
This event will have drinks from the Paramount Room Bar, attendees will be able to contribute to and claim perks from the Shifter IndieGoGo campaign, and of course everything else that you've come to expect from a Planet Thunder party: networking, friends, and fun times!
PLUS we will be screening Tales from the Shifterverse - a series of four short films that share a glimpse of the world that exists around and within the universe of Shifter! Each of the four shorts were directed by four different filmmakers – Mickey Reece, Laron Chapman, Zachary Burns, & M. Burger – giving their respective films their own style and tone. So if you want a sneak peek of what the story of Shifter might be, you won't want to miss this event!
The #ShiftHitsTheFan Film Lovers Mixer is free and open to the public. See you there!
Don't feel like waiting? You can contribute to the Shifter IndieGoGo Campaign right here:
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