We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of the IndieGoGo campaign for our new feature film, SHIFTER!

Shifter is a time-travel horror film that tells the story of a young woman who must struggle with the painful and gruesome side effects after an experiment with time travel gone wrong and she begins to shift through time at random, written & directed by Jacob Leighton Burns, produced by Zachary Burns & Vinnie Hogan!

We cannot wait to make this film a reality and we want all of you to be part of it! By contributing to our IndieGoGo you not only help this film make the journey from script to screen, but you become part of a larger community of indie film lovers, film makers, and film fanatics! ALSO you get PERKS!

Some perk highlights include: a custom Shifter enamel pin, a Shifter travel mug, a Shifter film crew t-shirt, signed prints of concept art by artist Jerry Bennett, a set visit during production, a VIP seat at a screening of the finished film, and of course a digital copy of the final film, and so so much more!

Please consider contributing to our IndieGoGo. We cannot make this film without you and we don't even want to try. You are our Thundernaut familyand we want you to part of this next chapter with us.

Contribute here: https://igg.me/at/shifter/x/6632548 and please share with your friends!
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